frequent 08_2016 - Research news from the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut

frequent 08 (pdf)


Topic: Next-Generation Wireless Communications - Making the Infrastructure Hardware Ready for 5G


  • Towards the digital base station transmitter
  • Boosting energy efficiency for wideband systems
  • Dedicated semiconductor technology & measurement facilities


Director of the FBH, Günther Tränkle (© Katja Bilo)
Director of the FBH, Günther Tränkle

Next-generation mobile standard 5G promises a quantum leap in wireless communications, envisioning a hyperconnected society. Consumers may soon enjoy interactive and ultra-HD videos from 360-degree cameras transmitted over a 5G system to virtual reality glasses. Businesses will be enhanced with automation, better logistics, and coordination – anything of value will be connected and tracked. Machines, for example, are expected to predict failures and trigger maintenance processes autonomously. Health shall be real-time monitored in the future, and an operation could even be performed by a robot remotely controlled by a surgeon located on the other side of the world.

In our current frequent issue, we have compiled FBH research results, contributing to make the infrastructure hardware ready for 5G. I wish you an inspiring reading!